Still on Target

P2R1 Day 18

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 190
Todays Weight 190

Yipppeee down 10 lbs no trials to report today. My postings will become less often and probably shorter as I will be starting my Masters online next week, I've heard the Masters study is pretty intense therefor I will have to reframe from blogging every day.

However if I have any obstacles I will certainly seek the support from my Hcg family. I do have a question which most likely will post on HTA also. I am currently doing the Hcg protocol with a Nautropathic Doctor. Dr. Mitchell of Chandler,AZ (just in case someone reading this is looking for a Dr. in Chandler, Az.)

I paid 275.00 for the Hcg,Initial consultation, bloodwork & B12 injection (which I haven't gotten, only because I don't want to drive to Chandler,Az from Glendale every week)so I take B12 sublingual. I am wondering if it would be less expensive to order the Hcg myself when I am ready to do round two, if so where do I find the best quality Hcg?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, I feel that I have found enough support via blogging and HTA that I can achieve the next round with out going to Chandler to get the Hcg from the Dr.

Thanks All Much Love

Moving Along

P1R2 Day 16

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 191

Finally the scale has moved, I know Monica, and Amie both have encouraged me to remember if I am not lossing lbs. I am still lossing inches, I have t agree lossing in any way is a plus. Having a moody day I am sure TOM is trying to make a visit but having PCOS sometimes these are just symptoms and not a true visit which is fine with me.

It was nice to eat today, although I wasn't hungry at all on my apple day. I am starting classes soon therefore my blogging will be very limited, however I will post just to keep myself going as well as for encourage. I will continue to read your post to stay on top of how every one else is progressing on their journey.

Until next time.

It's a Apple Kind of Day

P1R2 Day 15

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I had hoped to have lost more then this by now. I still 28 days to go so there's much more time for a significant loss. I am doing 43 days of Hcg.

Ok yesterday was a bust,after really sabotaging the protocol. I did not eat anything else for the rest of the day. Interesting enough I wasn't hungry at all usually I would have still been hungry. I took mag last night, it has been working every since so much to the point I am at home this morning instead of sitting at my desk at work.

I talked to my Dr's office yesterday, telling his assistant that I have been 192lbs for the past now 5 days. She asked what had I changed or added, I had been eating a lot more lettuce but had not in the past 4-5 days also I added broccoli and green beans. She suggested that go back to eating more lettuce as my snacks or when I just had the desire to chew on something instead of a (cookie)Hmmmmm.

She also told me to do a apple day, I have read about the dreaded apple day and asked her "ok whats the apple day". I was told to eat 6 apples throughout the day with minimal water intake.

So today is my apple day, also I think I am going to go back to my cucumbers and celery as my veggies until I am ready to go into P3 I was satisfied with these two choices so I am going to stick to them. I am also going to go back to having my fruit with my meals/protein as Dawn also suggested I was lossing 1 lb a day so I am going to stick to that also and see if I start lossing again.

Until tomorrow its a apple kind of day...hope I stop pooping soon gotta run..hehe literally...Sorry I know TMI..LOL

Whoops I Fell OFF the Wagon

P2R1 Day 15

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Loading Gain +2
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

Ok today I cheated on myself, I violated me how could I have done such a thing. Our team is a mode of celebrating birthdays, me with my don't want to hurt anyone's feelings attitude went to lunch with my co-workers (mind you I packed my protocol lunch today).

Ok went to lunch had a ripped bbq chicken sandwich,shoestring fries with a raspberry ice tea ( didn't eat the bread) and had a small piece of cake.

I was so disgusted with myself, for I ate this lunch I could feel my stomach churning probably wondering what the heck I was doing, I even felt a little nauseous for a moment could this have been because I was angry with myself or because my stomach and gotten used to 500 calories, no sugar and starched or maybe both.

I took magnesium citrate when I got home, and for the first time had a much needed good BM.

Tomorrow its back on track and NO ABSOLUTELY NO MORE SWAYING...I told my co-workers this..."I don't care who's birthday is coming up I am not participating".


P1R2 Day 14

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I am frustrated because the scale has not moved much I have been at 192 for the past three days...ok truth be told friday weight was 192.8, Saturdays weight was 192.4 and todays weight was 192.2 so there is loss but I want the numbers before the decimal to lower. I know, I know every little bit counts.

Needless to say I was not happy that I did not reach 190 this weekend, so I ate that chocolate cookie, the thrill wasn't what I remember when I would eat chocolate chip cookies..I really enjoyed one morsal of a chocolate chip...go figure.

Today I realize will eat sweets when I am frustrated, when I think back that's when I would binge on Hostess cream cupcake, and Boston Baked Beans Candy or Fudge covered Pretzels and soda, soda, soda.

Ok, I am over the chocolate chip cookie now...Yippppeeee!!!!

As Amie would put it.....TMI Alert>>>>>

I really am starting to believe BM's have a great deal to do with daily weight loss, and of course roughage. When I first started VCLD I was voiding (BM) every day, now that has slowed down. I took some magnesium citrate recommended by my Dr. so we will see what happens.

I have noticed that I get full a lot quicker, last night I could barely finish my dinner, I had to force myself to eat lunch I was ready for dinner and usually save my fruit for a snack..which I am having now the first bite I feel full. I hope this is supposed to happen?

Today's Menu

Breakfast: Tea w/lemon & stevia
1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: grilled chicken breast 4oz
1 cup broccolli
1 melba toast

Dinner: grilled chicken breast 4 oz
1 cup sliced cucumber
1 breadstick

Snack: apple small

Lots of water

Staying Strong

P2R1 Day 12

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight: 193
Todays Weight: 192

I am happy to have seen that the scale moved this morning toward a lesser It seems that having daily BM's is a factor for me, we will see tomorrow. I still haven't had that cookie not say that I don't want it, I am realizing that the desire to have the cookie is more psychological then it is a craving.

When I think about the cookie is when I want it, if I don't think about the cookie it doesn't exist.

Funny thing happened to me today, I took my daughter to McDonald's as I drove up to the drive thru menu my mind went KOOKOO I felt like a kid in a candy store as my eyes roamed over the menu fixating on the apple pie...Yummmy..NOT!!! as my daughter put two french fries into her mouth I could taste the oil...YUKKKKKIIEEe but they did look pretty good.

I received my Hcg from a Dr. with the Hcg protocol, tonight I read over Dr. Simeons protocol I noticed a difference in my Dr.'s protocol however it was minimal. My Dr.'s sheet only allows for melba toast/breadstick at dinner where Dr.Simeons allows a breadstick/melba toast for lunch and dinner also Dr.Simeons allows oranges where as my Dr. says no oranges. Those were the only differences that I saw.

What I took in today

Lots of water and tea

Breakfast: Tea w/stevia
Lunch: 4oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup celery, apple
Dinner: 4oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup green beens

Let's keep it going....

P1R2 Day 11

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 193
Todays Weight 193

No loss today, Bummmmer maybe it was the extra melba toast? Drank lots of water and tea yesterday, my intake was 128oz. I probably could boost the water intake.

Ok, I did not give into the chocolate chip cookie craving, though it is still very much alive. Funny thing I went home for lunch, took out a cookie and placed it into a zip lock sandwich bag and took it back to work then sat it on my desk in front of me.

My reason for doing this was to tempt myself and to build my strength to resist the temptation, though as I type this blog I really want to eat that cookie. Darn you girlies....LOL

Part of me refuses to give into the temptation of my sugar fixation, I want to give BIG THANKS to Amie, Monica and Mo for encouraging me not to eat that cookie my plan was to eat the cookie tonight. Darn you girlies....LOL
After reading their response to yesterday post I will not eat that cookie at least not tonight...hehehe just joking...

I will try the strawberry sorbet they suggested.

Today I ate

Breakfast: 1 bowl of lettuce w/red wine vinegar & tea w/stevia
Snack: bowl of lettuce (1 cup)
Lunch: grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, 1 cup of cucumber w/red wine vinegar slice of nectarine
Snack: 1 nectarine - the slice
Dinner: grilled chicken breast, 1 cup celery, melba toast
Snack: apple

Mega Tea and H2o

Hopefully we will have a # gone in the am.