Still on Target

P2R1 Day 18

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 190
Todays Weight 190

Yipppeee down 10 lbs no trials to report today. My postings will become less often and probably shorter as I will be starting my Masters online next week, I've heard the Masters study is pretty intense therefor I will have to reframe from blogging every day.

However if I have any obstacles I will certainly seek the support from my Hcg family. I do have a question which most likely will post on HTA also. I am currently doing the Hcg protocol with a Nautropathic Doctor. Dr. Mitchell of Chandler,AZ (just in case someone reading this is looking for a Dr. in Chandler, Az.)

I paid 275.00 for the Hcg,Initial consultation, bloodwork & B12 injection (which I haven't gotten, only because I don't want to drive to Chandler,Az from Glendale every week)so I take B12 sublingual. I am wondering if it would be less expensive to order the Hcg myself when I am ready to do round two, if so where do I find the best quality Hcg?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, I feel that I have found enough support via blogging and HTA that I can achieve the next round with out going to Chandler to get the Hcg from the Dr.

Thanks All Much Love

Moving Along

P1R2 Day 16

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 191

Finally the scale has moved, I know Monica, and Amie both have encouraged me to remember if I am not lossing lbs. I am still lossing inches, I have t agree lossing in any way is a plus. Having a moody day I am sure TOM is trying to make a visit but having PCOS sometimes these are just symptoms and not a true visit which is fine with me.

It was nice to eat today, although I wasn't hungry at all on my apple day. I am starting classes soon therefore my blogging will be very limited, however I will post just to keep myself going as well as for encourage. I will continue to read your post to stay on top of how every one else is progressing on their journey.

Until next time.

It's a Apple Kind of Day

P1R2 Day 15

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I had hoped to have lost more then this by now. I still 28 days to go so there's much more time for a significant loss. I am doing 43 days of Hcg.

Ok yesterday was a bust,after really sabotaging the protocol. I did not eat anything else for the rest of the day. Interesting enough I wasn't hungry at all usually I would have still been hungry. I took mag last night, it has been working every since so much to the point I am at home this morning instead of sitting at my desk at work.

I talked to my Dr's office yesterday, telling his assistant that I have been 192lbs for the past now 5 days. She asked what had I changed or added, I had been eating a lot more lettuce but had not in the past 4-5 days also I added broccoli and green beans. She suggested that go back to eating more lettuce as my snacks or when I just had the desire to chew on something instead of a (cookie)Hmmmmm.

She also told me to do a apple day, I have read about the dreaded apple day and asked her "ok whats the apple day". I was told to eat 6 apples throughout the day with minimal water intake.

So today is my apple day, also I think I am going to go back to my cucumbers and celery as my veggies until I am ready to go into P3 I was satisfied with these two choices so I am going to stick to them. I am also going to go back to having my fruit with my meals/protein as Dawn also suggested I was lossing 1 lb a day so I am going to stick to that also and see if I start lossing again.

Until tomorrow its a apple kind of day...hope I stop pooping soon gotta run..hehe literally...Sorry I know TMI..LOL

Whoops I Fell OFF the Wagon

P2R1 Day 15

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Loading Gain +2
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

Ok today I cheated on myself, I violated me how could I have done such a thing. Our team is a mode of celebrating birthdays, me with my don't want to hurt anyone's feelings attitude went to lunch with my co-workers (mind you I packed my protocol lunch today).

Ok went to lunch had a ripped bbq chicken sandwich,shoestring fries with a raspberry ice tea ( didn't eat the bread) and had a small piece of cake.

I was so disgusted with myself, for I ate this lunch I could feel my stomach churning probably wondering what the heck I was doing, I even felt a little nauseous for a moment could this have been because I was angry with myself or because my stomach and gotten used to 500 calories, no sugar and starched or maybe both.

I took magnesium citrate when I got home, and for the first time had a much needed good BM.

Tomorrow its back on track and NO ABSOLUTELY NO MORE SWAYING...I told my co-workers this..."I don't care who's birthday is coming up I am not participating".


P1R2 Day 14

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I am frustrated because the scale has not moved much I have been at 192 for the past three days...ok truth be told friday weight was 192.8, Saturdays weight was 192.4 and todays weight was 192.2 so there is loss but I want the numbers before the decimal to lower. I know, I know every little bit counts.

Needless to say I was not happy that I did not reach 190 this weekend, so I ate that chocolate cookie, the thrill wasn't what I remember when I would eat chocolate chip cookies..I really enjoyed one morsal of a chocolate chip...go figure.

Today I realize will eat sweets when I am frustrated, when I think back that's when I would binge on Hostess cream cupcake, and Boston Baked Beans Candy or Fudge covered Pretzels and soda, soda, soda.

Ok, I am over the chocolate chip cookie now...Yippppeeee!!!!

As Amie would put it.....TMI Alert>>>>>

I really am starting to believe BM's have a great deal to do with daily weight loss, and of course roughage. When I first started VCLD I was voiding (BM) every day, now that has slowed down. I took some magnesium citrate recommended by my Dr. so we will see what happens.

I have noticed that I get full a lot quicker, last night I could barely finish my dinner, I had to force myself to eat lunch I was ready for dinner and usually save my fruit for a snack..which I am having now the first bite I feel full. I hope this is supposed to happen?

Today's Menu

Breakfast: Tea w/lemon & stevia
1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: grilled chicken breast 4oz
1 cup broccolli
1 melba toast

Dinner: grilled chicken breast 4 oz
1 cup sliced cucumber
1 breadstick

Snack: apple small

Lots of water

Staying Strong

P2R1 Day 12

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight: 193
Todays Weight: 192

I am happy to have seen that the scale moved this morning toward a lesser It seems that having daily BM's is a factor for me, we will see tomorrow. I still haven't had that cookie not say that I don't want it, I am realizing that the desire to have the cookie is more psychological then it is a craving.

When I think about the cookie is when I want it, if I don't think about the cookie it doesn't exist.

Funny thing happened to me today, I took my daughter to McDonald's as I drove up to the drive thru menu my mind went KOOKOO I felt like a kid in a candy store as my eyes roamed over the menu fixating on the apple pie...Yummmy..NOT!!! as my daughter put two french fries into her mouth I could taste the oil...YUKKKKKIIEEe but they did look pretty good.

I received my Hcg from a Dr. with the Hcg protocol, tonight I read over Dr. Simeons protocol I noticed a difference in my Dr.'s protocol however it was minimal. My Dr.'s sheet only allows for melba toast/breadstick at dinner where Dr.Simeons allows a breadstick/melba toast for lunch and dinner also Dr.Simeons allows oranges where as my Dr. says no oranges. Those were the only differences that I saw.

What I took in today

Lots of water and tea

Breakfast: Tea w/stevia
Lunch: 4oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup celery, apple
Dinner: 4oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup green beens

Let's keep it going....

P1R2 Day 11

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 193
Todays Weight 193

No loss today, Bummmmer maybe it was the extra melba toast? Drank lots of water and tea yesterday, my intake was 128oz. I probably could boost the water intake.

Ok, I did not give into the chocolate chip cookie craving, though it is still very much alive. Funny thing I went home for lunch, took out a cookie and placed it into a zip lock sandwich bag and took it back to work then sat it on my desk in front of me.

My reason for doing this was to tempt myself and to build my strength to resist the temptation, though as I type this blog I really want to eat that cookie. Darn you girlies....LOL

Part of me refuses to give into the temptation of my sugar fixation, I want to give BIG THANKS to Amie, Monica and Mo for encouraging me not to eat that cookie my plan was to eat the cookie tonight. Darn you girlies....LOL
After reading their response to yesterday post I will not eat that cookie at least not tonight...hehehe just joking...

I will try the strawberry sorbet they suggested.

Today I ate

Breakfast: 1 bowl of lettuce w/red wine vinegar & tea w/stevia
Snack: bowl of lettuce (1 cup)
Lunch: grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, 1 cup of cucumber w/red wine vinegar slice of nectarine
Snack: 1 nectarine - the slice
Dinner: grilled chicken breast, 1 cup celery, melba toast
Snack: apple

Mega Tea and H2o

Hopefully we will have a # gone in the am.

The SweetTooth Monster is After Me

P2R1 Day 10

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 194
Todays Weight 193

OMG, do I want a chocolate cookie, a cupcake, a box of boston baked bean candy, some of the lemon cake my daughter has in the frig.

Help me somebody please, today has been a rough day all day I have been wanting something sweet even a bag of chips. You maybe TOM is trying to rare his ugly head, I don't know but there is one thing for sure I want more then 500 calories today.

I knew this would be a hard journey but I thought it would get easier by now, equally I know its only been a short 10 days this 10th day has been extra hard.

I did have two extra melba toast, try to wart off the urge to have a chocolate cookie. Part of me wants to just have the damn cookie and get over the craving.

What am I to do???? Stay strong or just satisfy the craving and get back on track?

What a Difference a BM makes

P2R1 Day 9

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 195
Todays Weight 194

When I woke up this morning to weigh myself the scale said 195, I went on to take my injection and to prepare tea and my lunch for the day.

I felt the urge to go to the restroom, which at that point I needed to have a BM then it dawned on me I had read Amie's blog about bowel movements and weighing.

I decided to undress, and get back onto the scale low and behold after the movement my actual weight was 194 lbs. Then I remembered I had not had a movement the day before.

I was happy to see that I am now at 194 lbs. Yippie and the beat goes on...rite down the drain...LOL


32oz of water before leaving for work
3 cups of citrus herbal teas w/stevia
1 cup of lettuce w/balsamic vinegar

Mid Morning Snack

1 cup of lettuce
1 cup of citrus herbal tea w/stevia


32oz water
1 cup of cauliflower
4oz ground chicken breast grilled burger

Afternoon Snack

1 nectarine


32oz water
3 5/8 oz ground chicken breast grilled burger
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1 cup cucumber w/seasoning & red vinegar
1 melba toast

Late Snack
1 cup raspberries


P2R1 Day 8

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight: 196
Todays Weight: 195

For some reason weekdays are very tempting, you know the office lunches, reps coming to the office with free lunch, birthday celebrations etc.

Today during our staffing in service the presenting representatives catered chinese, this is the first time in my life that I high tailed it out of the conference room to avoiding seeing the food.

To top that off my co-worker announces she is bringing cupcakes for St. Patricks day, and my team is planning lunch and birthday cake for another team member.

What is a sugar lover to do....Ohhhh boy

Not to mention my daughters love goodies around the house, cakes, candy, fried chicken, french fries and onion rings is what I dealt with this past weekend.

Kudos to me I did not break, I stuck to my goal to transform..until today if you can call this cheating I am not sure...I had an melba toast after dinner. I went to the grocery store finally found the melba toast (silly me was looking for it in the bread section) I have never had melba toast, so I wanted to know what it taste like.


2 cups citrus herbal tea w/stevia
1 cup of lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

Late Morning Snack
32oz water
1 cup lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

4oz lemon pepper herbed chicken breast grilled
1 cup cauliflower
1 cup blackberries sprinkled w/stevia
1 can hensans diet soda
Sipping on 32oz water

Late Afternoon Snack
More water
1/2 cup lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

4oz ground chicken breast burger grilled w/ 1/2 teaspoon mustard(no sugar/oil)
1 sesame breadstick
1 cup cucumbers w/sea salt & red wine vinegar
32 oz water
1/2 apple

Late Night Snack
1/2 apple
finished 32oz water

On My Way

P2R1 Day 7

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 198
Todays Weight 196

I am amazed at all the support I have gotten from blogging and happily thinner after everyone offers so much information, from success stories, photos, recipes and tips this as been a great start to a life changing journey...special shout out to Amie and Monica for their support to this Hcg Newbie.

I have actually lost 6#'s including the 2#'s I gained during loading.
The hunger pains have reatively subsided or maybe I have a better insight on how to control or stop them before they start. My Dr.'s office told me I could eat as much lettuce as I like so that is my filler food. I tried some diet soda, I purchased from sprouts farmers market which has no sugar,sodium,or carbs I drank one yesterday which didn't seem to interfer with my progress.

Here's what I ate today (Gotta get that cookbook I need just a little more creativity)

6:30am Hcg Cocktail..LOL

1 cup of citrus herbal tea/1 packet of stevia
1 glass of emergen C lite
1 bowl of lettuce w/red wine vinegar

bowl of lettuce w/balsamic vinegar
32oz of water

4oz Alaskian Cod Fish grilled
1/4 teaspoon of hot sauce
1 cup of sliced cucumbers(seasoned) w/salt,pepper & red wine vinegar
1 cup of sliced strawberries sprinkled w/stevia
Still sipping on the H2O

bowl of lettuce seasoned w/salt,pepper & balsamic vinegar
more H20

4oz Wild Tuna Steak grilled
1 cup steamed cauliflower
1 seseame breadstick
32oz water

1 cup strawberries sprinkled w/stevia
1 can diet soda

"Till Tomorrow Stay On Task"

I'm Motivated

P2R1 DAY 6

P2R1 Starting Weight:200
Yesterdays Weight: 199
Today: 198

I must say I was skeptical about this HCG diet, as well as a lot of Nay Sayers. It's funny how whenever I say something to anyone about this diet, I get a lot of negative comments. But you know what I am not doing this for them, this is for me and when they see reduced me and the change in eating habit...We will see what they have to say then..HA

Today I shopped for more spices, fish (white fish that is), chicken and seafood to be a little more creative I plan to purchase the HCG cook book. I am getting more and more excited and motivated as the days go by and the scale decreases.

I can see this being a change of life completely,for a life time without a doubt.

I got started a little late this morning I usually take my injection at 6:30am being the weekend I set my clock at 6:15 thinking this would make me get up on time to take my injection...Funny me...I would wake up again at 6:40am...went potty and Whoo Hooo another pound down the drain..

Ok for breakfast

2 cups of tea

4oz grilled chicken
1 cup chopped celery
1 medium nectarine

4oz grilled chicken
1 cup chopped savoy cabbage
1 garlic sesame breadstick
diet kiwi strawberry soda

1 cup blackberries

total water intake 64oz.

Today was a little Easier

P2R1 Day 5

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight:202
Today: 199

Boy!!! was I excited when I got on the scale this morning. Three pounds down off to a good start I pray I can keep it going.

I stopped on the way to work this morning to purchase Stevia, lettuce and vinegar to top my salad. While in the sugar isle, all I found was sweet-n-low,splenda etc. I asked some clerks if they sold Stevia they seemed not to know what I was talking about, they even looked in the baking section but could not find the stevia.

Thank God I decided to take a second look for myself in the baking area...Yippeee I found it, the product name was sweetleaf /ingredients...(stevia) Of course I showed the clerks just in case another HCG'er comes by looking for stevia.

Being as hunger as I was yesterday, I decided to get some lettuce since I can eat as much as I like per my Dr....I purchased romaine hearts and balsamic vinegar...I read the label to make sure it had no oils or sugar added...Home off to work I go...


2 cups of tea w/stevia (1 packet each) juice of lemon
bowl of romaine heart lettuce seasoned with lite salt and balsamic vinegar
1 pint of water

bowl of romaine heart lettuce w/lite salt balsamic vinegar


3.5 oz grilled chicken breast w/mrs dash spicey seasoning
1 cup celery
1 medium nectarine
1 pint of water

I got the munchies so I had another bowl of romaine heart lettuce
32oz of water drank throughout the day


3.5 oz grilled chicken breast
1 cup savoy cabbage w/salt & pepper
1 cup tea w/stevia slice of lemon
1 garlic sesame seed breadstick

32oz of water

1 cup slice strawberries sprinkle with stevia

Today I wasn't has hunger, yesterday I was running into the house to eat today I took my time preparing my dinner and eating it..LOL

First Day of VCLD

P2R1 Day 4

P2R1 Starting Weight:200
Yesterdays Weight: 201
Today: 202 up +1

It's apparent that loading has added a few pounds. From this point on I hope the numbers on the scale decrease.

For Breakfast

I had hot herbal tea (only)
and lots of H20

For Lunch

Herb grilled chicken breast 4oz
Cucumber slices 1 cup
Strawberry slices 1 cup
lots of h20

For Dinner
Herb grilled chicken breast 4oz
Savoy Cabbage leafs (2) microwaved w/herbed spices
1/2 apple
more h20

Total water consumption 64oz

I had convinced myself that I would not be hungry from the loading, Boy was I wrong mid-morning I was having hunger cramps. I ate lunch around 11:30am I usually eat lunch between 1pm and 1:30pm talk about hunger cramps....WooooWeeee

I had a slight headache and light headedness as informed by my Dr.'s assistant this may happen, I was kind of expecting this part but hoping it would not affect me. Unfortunately it did, by the time I got home from work I was happy to see my kitchen and ready to put my chicken breast on the grill, my cabbage in the microwave. All while eating 1/2 of my apple.

I put in a call to my Gold Canyon Candle Rep., who has done the HCG diet now in maintenance for support.

She assured me that the hunger pains would cease in about 4-5 days and to drink lots of water and tea,actually by the time she had called me I had eaten dinner and was feeling hunger pains/cramps since dinner.

Well off to bed I go but not until I have the other 1/2 of my apple for a bedtime snack

Until tomorrow....

Final Day of Loading

P2R1 Day3

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight: 202
Today: 201

It's been hard to load today, I tried my best to load on those things that I love most. Sugar, Sugar and more Sugar ooohhh did I say Sugar.

Breakfast: (mind you I never eat breakfast)

two buttermilk biscuits
three slices of bacon

Co-workers are still helping me celebrate my birthday, My dear co-worker treated my to lunch at the country buffet needless to say I sat down with two plates not the normal for me, however for the sake of loading I went for it.

Lunch consisted of

a baked chicken thigh
a fried drumstick
cornbread stuffing

second plate
macaroni salad
potato salad

lemon cake and sherbet

two glasses of sprite/raspberry tea


chicken Parmesan
Boston baked beans
a Klondike bar

1/2 chocolate chip cookie ( I meant to eat more)

Let's see how I handle the first day of VLCD

Getting this protocol right

P2R1 DAY 2

P2R1 Starting Weight: 3/09/09 200
Today 202 +2

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to help me out with advice. I am really glad that I called my doctors office yesterday as I started to gorge/loading I misread the protocol thinking I was supposed to gorge for three days and then start hcg injections. Here I was calling Dr. Mitchell, to find out if I could chew gun when Denise asked how the injections where going, I informed her I was starting the gorging but had not injected the hcg once we both realized that I had not injected the hcg Denise quickly informed that I needed to take the hcg the day I began gorging.

I quickly went into the frig got the vial, drew 20ml into the syringe and gave myself my first injection. I was not prepared for the sensations I began to experience, I felt a little burning, some cramping or maybe a spasm just strange feeling in my abdomen when I had given myself the injection.

Now onto gorging, this is hard for me to just eat,eat, eat. My weakness is soda, caked, cookies, fried foods anything with sugar. So thats what I loaded on my daughter prepared a birthday breakfast I swear the girl cooked me three scrambled eggs I could barely finish, two buttermilk biscuts and four strips of bacon with a 8oz glass of grapefruit juice.

For my birthday dinner she cooked for me four shrimp kabobs, crab legs, butter and garlic sauce a baked potatoe loading with butter, a salad drenched in Italian dressing and soda. (is this kid helping me load or what)

I had red velvet cake and more soda, being my birthday I went out for a drink with my significant other (who by the way is very interested in the diet, I may just convert him) while out I thought I might as well get in my last days of alcoholic beverages and had two Tom Collins.

Today my second injection was giving at 6:30am which will be my normal injection time from this day on. I did not experience the same sensations as I did with the first injection.

For breakfast I had chicken wings (something I would have never ever done before) but I was a little hungry and running late so I grabbed some chicken wings that I had cooked the night before along with a soda. I was off for my birthday and my co-workers had planned a lucheon for me at work, my boss came in with a chocolate cake (per my request) which the staff eat at our morning meeting so I kind of binged on two pieces of chocolate cake and a soda. For lunch we had chinese, usually I would have saved half of my sweet &sour chicken for dinner but I made myself eat the whole bowl during lunch.

A few friends still wanting to celebrate my birthday invited me out for a drink after work, another Tom Collins with Chicken Chimichanga. I am sure alcoholic beverages may not be part of the loading stage but I need to get this in and out of my system before starting the VLCD.

Well we never ate the birthday cake and ice cream my daughter brought me, so I had some cake and ice cream for a late night snack.

This part is hard, I have to make myself eat because there are days that I usually would not eat anything but lunch this is really going to hard for me to eat at all.

Am supposed to be drinking my water now, if so I haven't had much water in the last two days. I think I better drink water starting tomorrow.

As you can see I am going to need the support of my fellow Hcg'ers.

Todays weigh in was at 9:32pm (gained 2#'s Wow)
I thought it would nice to post before pics taken 3/9/09 Notice I usually were my shirt out, I hoping to loose that midsection.

About Me...

Today I turn 45 years young, a first time grand-mother of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Arizona by way of Ohio. This is my second transformation in less then a year I have another blog that shows the journey of my transformation from relaxed to natural hair using a system called Sister Locks.

I am new to Hcg/VLCD as I read the blogs of others who are on their personal journeys, I am a little lost as I am not sure what P2/R3 and LIW mean if any one can tell me what the lingo is for posting on my progress during the different stages of this metamorphosis it would be greatly appreciated.

I am at the gorging stage (would that be P1?)today would be my second day, although I really haven't overeaten. I tend to be a sugar hog, candy,soda/pop, koolaid adding sugar in food etc. Actually I sit here with a 10oz container of white fudge covered pretzels and a glass of Hawiian Punch.

I will be using the Hcg injectible
10MI 10,000 units/10ML MDV
0.2ml= 20 units daily

My consultation weight was 200#'s

I have purchased a digital food scale and a weight scale also digital with tracking and BMI/Bone Mass calculation it also measure the amount of water in the body I purchased both from Walmart.

I have also purchased some of my food to start and B12 sublingual tablets, equally I will get bi-weekly B12 injection from my Naturopathic Doctor who will be following me while I am on my journey of metamorphosis.

I will try my best to post daily, as a means to help me journal my progress and to follow others who are also on this journey also for tips and guidance.

I plan to weigh in on Wednesday when I start the VLCD to use this as my starting weight.

I am so excited to make this a life change, not only to lose weight but to hopefully get off of medication and to live a healthier life for my daughters and my grand daughter.