First Day of VCLD

P2R1 Day 4

P2R1 Starting Weight:200
Yesterdays Weight: 201
Today: 202 up +1

It's apparent that loading has added a few pounds. From this point on I hope the numbers on the scale decrease.

For Breakfast

I had hot herbal tea (only)
and lots of H20

For Lunch

Herb grilled chicken breast 4oz
Cucumber slices 1 cup
Strawberry slices 1 cup
lots of h20

For Dinner
Herb grilled chicken breast 4oz
Savoy Cabbage leafs (2) microwaved w/herbed spices
1/2 apple
more h20

Total water consumption 64oz

I had convinced myself that I would not be hungry from the loading, Boy was I wrong mid-morning I was having hunger cramps. I ate lunch around 11:30am I usually eat lunch between 1pm and 1:30pm talk about hunger cramps....WooooWeeee

I had a slight headache and light headedness as informed by my Dr.'s assistant this may happen, I was kind of expecting this part but hoping it would not affect me. Unfortunately it did, by the time I got home from work I was happy to see my kitchen and ready to put my chicken breast on the grill, my cabbage in the microwave. All while eating 1/2 of my apple.

I put in a call to my Gold Canyon Candle Rep., who has done the HCG diet now in maintenance for support.

She assured me that the hunger pains would cease in about 4-5 days and to drink lots of water and tea,actually by the time she had called me I had eaten dinner and was feeling hunger pains/cramps since dinner.

Well off to bed I go but not until I have the other 1/2 of my apple for a bedtime snack

Until tomorrow....

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