P2R1 Day 8

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight: 196
Todays Weight: 195

For some reason weekdays are very tempting, you know the office lunches, reps coming to the office with free lunch, birthday celebrations etc.

Today during our staffing in service the presenting representatives catered chinese, this is the first time in my life that I high tailed it out of the conference room to avoiding seeing the food.

To top that off my co-worker announces she is bringing cupcakes for St. Patricks day, and my team is planning lunch and birthday cake for another team member.

What is a sugar lover to do....Ohhhh boy

Not to mention my daughters love goodies around the house, cakes, candy, fried chicken, french fries and onion rings is what I dealt with this past weekend.

Kudos to me I did not break, I stuck to my goal to transform..until today if you can call this cheating I am not sure...I had an melba toast after dinner. I went to the grocery store finally found the melba toast (silly me was looking for it in the bread section) I have never had melba toast, so I wanted to know what it taste like.


2 cups citrus herbal tea w/stevia
1 cup of lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

Late Morning Snack
32oz water
1 cup lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

4oz lemon pepper herbed chicken breast grilled
1 cup cauliflower
1 cup blackberries sprinkled w/stevia
1 can hensans diet soda
Sipping on 32oz water

Late Afternoon Snack
More water
1/2 cup lettuce w/salt, pepper & balsamic vinegar

4oz ground chicken breast burger grilled w/ 1/2 teaspoon mustard(no sugar/oil)
1 sesame breadstick
1 cup cucumbers w/sea salt & red wine vinegar
32 oz water
1/2 apple

Late Night Snack
1/2 apple
finished 32oz water

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