I'm Motivated

P2R1 DAY 6

P2R1 Starting Weight:200
Yesterdays Weight: 199
Today: 198

I must say I was skeptical about this HCG diet, as well as a lot of Nay Sayers. It's funny how whenever I say something to anyone about this diet, I get a lot of negative comments. But you know what I am not doing this for them, this is for me and when they see reduced me and the change in eating habit...We will see what they have to say then..HA

Today I shopped for more spices, fish (white fish that is), chicken and seafood to be a little more creative I plan to purchase the HCG cook book. I am getting more and more excited and motivated as the days go by and the scale decreases.

I can see this being a change of life completely,for a life time without a doubt.

I got started a little late this morning I usually take my injection at 6:30am being the weekend I set my clock at 6:15 thinking this would make me get up on time to take my injection...Funny me...I would wake up again at 6:40am...went potty and Whoo Hooo another pound down the drain..

Ok for breakfast

2 cups of tea

4oz grilled chicken
1 cup chopped celery
1 medium nectarine

4oz grilled chicken
1 cup chopped savoy cabbage
1 garlic sesame breadstick
diet kiwi strawberry soda

1 cup blackberries

total water intake 64oz.


Amie said...

As the saying goes... People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to criticize yours. I can tell you with zero uncertainty that this protocol DOES work. Without hCG you would lose structural fat, your face would get sunken in, you'd be ravenously hungry *all*the*time*... the list goes on. Plus, we know how to stabilize that weight point to KEEP it off forEVER. What do people not get about that?? You're right - this is for YOU. Do it big, and show them just how wrong they were. That aside - congrats on another pound gone! ~*~

applebottomblues said...

I dealt with the naysayers on my first round too. One of those same people is about to start her first round after seeing my losses. You just do you. Let them have their own issues. You have a great attitude about it.

Angel Locs said...

Thanks Amie & ABB

Your support is very much appreciated as you both know where I am coming from..and going to for that matter..LOL..I guess men are not the only visual creatures, many of us fit the saying "Seeing is Believing" and they will all see...Just like your naysayer ABB

Gave Great Count Down Day...;o)

Angel Locs said...

Oooops I meant Have A GREAT Count Down Day...;o)

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