Final Day of Loading

P2R1 Day3

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight: 202
Today: 201

It's been hard to load today, I tried my best to load on those things that I love most. Sugar, Sugar and more Sugar ooohhh did I say Sugar.

Breakfast: (mind you I never eat breakfast)

two buttermilk biscuits
three slices of bacon

Co-workers are still helping me celebrate my birthday, My dear co-worker treated my to lunch at the country buffet needless to say I sat down with two plates not the normal for me, however for the sake of loading I went for it.

Lunch consisted of

a baked chicken thigh
a fried drumstick
cornbread stuffing

second plate
macaroni salad
potato salad

lemon cake and sherbet

two glasses of sprite/raspberry tea


chicken Parmesan
Boston baked beans
a Klondike bar

1/2 chocolate chip cookie ( I meant to eat more)

Let's see how I handle the first day of VLCD


Amie said...

Ohhhh yeeaaaaaah. That's the good stuff....

Welcome to VLCD!

applebottomblues said...

That was a great load. You actually had more carbs than sugar and that's a good thing. Sugar is empty calories and your body needs some substance to load on... at least I think I read that somewhere.

Now, I hope you told your co-workers to stop helping you celebrate your birthday now. Get ready for VLCD & bring on those losses! WOO HOO!

Angel Locs said...

Thanks Amie/applebottomblues

Yes I had to tell them to stop the party they actually wanted to celebrate tonight, but they know I am doing my thing. I thought I would test my will and go out anyway...but I retired home with my daughter...doing the VLCD

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