P1R2 Day 14

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I am frustrated because the scale has not moved much I have been at 192 for the past three days...ok truth be told friday weight was 192.8, Saturdays weight was 192.4 and todays weight was 192.2 so there is loss but I want the numbers before the decimal to lower. I know, I know every little bit counts.

Needless to say I was not happy that I did not reach 190 this weekend, so I ate that chocolate cookie, the thrill wasn't what I remember when I would eat chocolate chip cookies..I really enjoyed one morsal of a chocolate chip...go figure.

Today I realize will eat sweets when I am frustrated, when I think back that's when I would binge on Hostess cream cupcake, and Boston Baked Beans Candy or Fudge covered Pretzels and soda, soda, soda.

Ok, I am over the chocolate chip cookie now...Yippppeeee!!!!

As Amie would put it.....TMI Alert>>>>>

I really am starting to believe BM's have a great deal to do with daily weight loss, and of course roughage. When I first started VCLD I was voiding (BM) every day, now that has slowed down. I took some magnesium citrate recommended by my Dr. so we will see what happens.

I have noticed that I get full a lot quicker, last night I could barely finish my dinner, I had to force myself to eat lunch I was ready for dinner and usually save my fruit for a snack..which I am having now the first bite I feel full. I hope this is supposed to happen?

Today's Menu

Breakfast: Tea w/lemon & stevia
1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: grilled chicken breast 4oz
1 cup broccolli
1 melba toast

Dinner: grilled chicken breast 4 oz
1 cup sliced cucumber
1 breadstick

Snack: apple small

Lots of water


Dawn said...

Hey!!! I just wanted to tell you to look back on my blog and see what happened to me... Starting week 2, I stalled for 4 days and then would lose for 2 days. I did this 4 TIMES in a row!! So frusterating. It makes our temptations even worse. That is when I went of course a bit then All I started doing to have a consistant loss is, I ate my fruit with my protein. It keeps our blood sugar from spiking. Once I started doing that I have been having a consistant loss of 1 pound a DAY!!! No kidding! I am in my last week of the phase too. I used to eat my fruit with breakfast and before bed snack just like you did and now I eat 2 meals a day and only have tea for breakfast. I don't know if this would work for you but you could try it??

You asked me about the B12 shots... I honestly don't ever feel different. I have done them once a week. Anyway, keep it going! You are doing so great!

applebottomblues said...

uh-oh... that chocolate chip cookie reared it's ugly head huh... Oh well, it happens & you know just what to do. Move on.

Regarding the BMs, I take mag everyday & I was going every day during my break, but they will just slow down while I'm on hcg. I don't think many people have them daily during P2, but you're doing the right thing. The mag really helps.

Make sure you are calculating your daily calories precisely. Are you using or

Angel Locs said...

Thanks Dawn and Applebottomblues

Dawn..I will start back to having my fruit with lunch and dinner to see if that helps. Thanks

Applebottomblues...No I'm not using or, but I will surely check them both out. thanks

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