Getting this protocol right

P2R1 DAY 2

P2R1 Starting Weight: 3/09/09 200
Today 202 +2

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to help me out with advice. I am really glad that I called my doctors office yesterday as I started to gorge/loading I misread the protocol thinking I was supposed to gorge for three days and then start hcg injections. Here I was calling Dr. Mitchell, to find out if I could chew gun when Denise asked how the injections where going, I informed her I was starting the gorging but had not injected the hcg once we both realized that I had not injected the hcg Denise quickly informed that I needed to take the hcg the day I began gorging.

I quickly went into the frig got the vial, drew 20ml into the syringe and gave myself my first injection. I was not prepared for the sensations I began to experience, I felt a little burning, some cramping or maybe a spasm just strange feeling in my abdomen when I had given myself the injection.

Now onto gorging, this is hard for me to just eat,eat, eat. My weakness is soda, caked, cookies, fried foods anything with sugar. So thats what I loaded on my daughter prepared a birthday breakfast I swear the girl cooked me three scrambled eggs I could barely finish, two buttermilk biscuts and four strips of bacon with a 8oz glass of grapefruit juice.

For my birthday dinner she cooked for me four shrimp kabobs, crab legs, butter and garlic sauce a baked potatoe loading with butter, a salad drenched in Italian dressing and soda. (is this kid helping me load or what)

I had red velvet cake and more soda, being my birthday I went out for a drink with my significant other (who by the way is very interested in the diet, I may just convert him) while out I thought I might as well get in my last days of alcoholic beverages and had two Tom Collins.

Today my second injection was giving at 6:30am which will be my normal injection time from this day on. I did not experience the same sensations as I did with the first injection.

For breakfast I had chicken wings (something I would have never ever done before) but I was a little hungry and running late so I grabbed some chicken wings that I had cooked the night before along with a soda. I was off for my birthday and my co-workers had planned a lucheon for me at work, my boss came in with a chocolate cake (per my request) which the staff eat at our morning meeting so I kind of binged on two pieces of chocolate cake and a soda. For lunch we had chinese, usually I would have saved half of my sweet &sour chicken for dinner but I made myself eat the whole bowl during lunch.

A few friends still wanting to celebrate my birthday invited me out for a drink after work, another Tom Collins with Chicken Chimichanga. I am sure alcoholic beverages may not be part of the loading stage but I need to get this in and out of my system before starting the VLCD.

Well we never ate the birthday cake and ice cream my daughter brought me, so I had some cake and ice cream for a late night snack.

This part is hard, I have to make myself eat because there are days that I usually would not eat anything but lunch this is really going to hard for me to eat at all.

Am supposed to be drinking my water now, if so I haven't had much water in the last two days. I think I better drink water starting tomorrow.

As you can see I am going to need the support of my fellow Hcg'ers.

Todays weigh in was at 9:32pm (gained 2#'s Wow)
I thought it would nice to post before pics taken 3/9/09 Notice I usually were my shirt out, I hoping to loose that midsection.


Amie said...

Now THAT sounds like some real loading! You are allowed to have alchohol during that time, so you're fine. You will notice that loading is much harder than you thought! Once your body gets the hCG in it, I don't know why, but it is SO hard to binge-eat. Almost everyone is sick of loading (sometimes literally) once the VLCD starts.

I assume that you are doing your injections sub-q (subcutaneously) and not IM (intramuscularly). What you will want to do when you inject is make sure you pull back a little on the plunger once the needle is in and make sure no blood appears. If it does, do not inject the hcg. You want to make sure you're injecting into fatty tissue and haven't knicked a blood vessel. You may have some light bruising from the daily injections.

Just so you know also, some women experience mild pregnancy symptoms for a couple of days at the very beginning of P2. At the start of both of my rounds, I felt just a little nausea and breast tenderness, which went away within the first 5 days. From what I've heard, it's relatively common.

Water is always good, but not so vital while loading. After you've finished loading though - Dr. Simeons' recommended at least 2 liters of coffee, tea and water daily. I have a big water bottle that's 101 oz. that I fill every morning and make sure is gone before I go to bed at night. Coffee, tea and non-sugar sweeteners (I highly recommend stevia because it doesn't contain artificial sweetener) are very helpful in warding off hunger, especially in the first couple of weeks when the excess candida is dying off in your system. If you absolutely HAVE to have a soda - go DIET. Many people have been able to consume some diet soda and still reduce.

Whew! Sorry if I talk too much, but I love to see people succeed on this protocol and there are so many tips & tricks that the "oldsters" have already figured out. Try to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, nude, after going to the bathroom. Your weight will fluctuate up to 10 lb. during the day due to water, food intake, etc. and that is the best time to get an accurate weight measurement.

I think... that's about it for now. :) Thank you for sharing with us and for the great 'before' pics! Hasta!

Angel Locs said...

Thanks Amie,

Keep talking I enjoy reading your post and all the information. Yes I am injecting sq, I am well used to be a Medical Asst. so I am very familiar with giving injection however not to myself..LOL.

Yes this binge thing is driving me nuts, I had my 2quarts ready to drink today as I was walking out of the house I drop the container and burst the bottom...Not happy... you think maybe that was a que to just start the water tomorrow..

I can't wait to post a after pic in 43days...and beyond..

Chat with ya soon

applebottomblues said...

Well... that was a really good load! Everything... including alcohol should be part of your load. Especially if you're doing a long round, but I hear you on not wanting to eat anymore. My 2nd load day is always hard because the hcg is starting to build up and I'm just not hungry.

Thanks for posting the pictures. oh.. btw, did you take measurements? If not you really should because it feels really great to see the inches melt away, especially when you're in the middle of a stall.

Angel Locs said...

Hey applebottomblues

No I did not take measure but I will surely get them the Dr. took them during my consultation. You are absolutely correct I just can not load it sounds easy but its not when your trying to do it on purpose.

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