It's a Apple Kind of Day

P1R2 Day 15

P1R2 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

I had hoped to have lost more then this by now. I still 28 days to go so there's much more time for a significant loss. I am doing 43 days of Hcg.

Ok yesterday was a bust,after really sabotaging the protocol. I did not eat anything else for the rest of the day. Interesting enough I wasn't hungry at all usually I would have still been hungry. I took mag last night, it has been working every since so much to the point I am at home this morning instead of sitting at my desk at work.

I talked to my Dr's office yesterday, telling his assistant that I have been 192lbs for the past now 5 days. She asked what had I changed or added, I had been eating a lot more lettuce but had not in the past 4-5 days also I added broccoli and green beans. She suggested that go back to eating more lettuce as my snacks or when I just had the desire to chew on something instead of a (cookie)Hmmmmm.

She also told me to do a apple day, I have read about the dreaded apple day and asked her "ok whats the apple day". I was told to eat 6 apples throughout the day with minimal water intake.

So today is my apple day, also I think I am going to go back to my cucumbers and celery as my veggies until I am ready to go into P3 I was satisfied with these two choices so I am going to stick to them. I am also going to go back to having my fruit with my meals/protein as Dawn also suggested I was lossing 1 lb a day so I am going to stick to that also and see if I start lossing again.

Until tomorrow its a apple kind of day...hope I stop pooping soon gotta run..hehe literally...Sorry I know TMI..LOL


Amie said...

WOO HOO for regular BM's! LOL Wish I had that problem. :P Don't forget, Dr. Simeons said that some of his patients would "stall" for up to two weeks before having a significant loss when they'd been that certain weight for multiple years. I'll bet even though your scale hasn't moved, the measuring tape would!!

applebottomblues said...

Wow... I take mag myself and still don't have everyday BMs on P2... that's cool in itself. Ha Ha... BMs are cool. I crack myself up. Good luck on your apple day. Wow... there must have been something going around this weekend. Way to get back in the saddle though. You're right... you have alot of time to get the losses in.

Angel Locs said...

To My role models Amie &Applebottomblues

Amie, I will be careful and yes I will keep in mind the inches lost..I can deal with a stall for a significant loss in the end. WOO HOO!!!

Applebottomblues, You crack me up too, I agree there must have been a BIG TEMPTING MOON out this past weekend...I am back in the saddle.

As long as I continue to read yours and Amie's post you two give me've travel this road before me.


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