On My Way

P2R1 Day 7

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 198
Todays Weight 196

I am amazed at all the support I have gotten from blogging and happily thinner after everyone offers so much information, from success stories, photos, recipes and tips this as been a great start to a life changing journey...special shout out to Amie and Monica for their support to this Hcg Newbie.

I have actually lost 6#'s including the 2#'s I gained during loading.
The hunger pains have reatively subsided or maybe I have a better insight on how to control or stop them before they start. My Dr.'s office told me I could eat as much lettuce as I like so that is my filler food. I tried some diet soda, I purchased from sprouts farmers market which has no sugar,sodium,or carbs I drank one yesterday which didn't seem to interfer with my progress.

Here's what I ate today (Gotta get that cookbook I need just a little more creativity)

6:30am Hcg Cocktail..LOL

1 cup of citrus herbal tea/1 packet of stevia
1 glass of emergen C lite
1 bowl of lettuce w/red wine vinegar

bowl of lettuce w/balsamic vinegar
32oz of water

4oz Alaskian Cod Fish grilled
1/4 teaspoon of hot sauce
1 cup of sliced cucumbers(seasoned) w/salt,pepper & red wine vinegar
1 cup of sliced strawberries sprinkled w/stevia
Still sipping on the H2O

bowl of lettuce seasoned w/salt,pepper & balsamic vinegar
more H20

4oz Wild Tuna Steak grilled
1 cup steamed cauliflower
1 seseame breadstick
32oz water

1 cup strawberries sprinkled w/stevia
1 can diet soda

"Till Tomorrow Stay On Task"


applebottomblues said...

Great! 2 lbs gone! You're doing a great job.

I do have a question though. Did your doctor tell you to eat 4 oz of protein? The diet in P&I says to use 100 grams which is 3.5 ounces... not that .5 ounces is a big difference... just curious.

Angel Locs said...

Hi Monica,

Yes the protocol I have says 4oz of protein, there are times my protein weighs in at 3.5 or 3 1/4oz and I that is what I eat for that meal.

I looked up 100grams converted to weight it equals 3.75oz according to wikianswers.com (100 grams is equal to approximately 3.75 ounces) ( American Standard).

This is probably why my Dr. just rounded up to 4oz. portions of protein.

wait til I post tonight I have a surprise...Yippie I am so excited.

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