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Today I turn 45 years young, a first time grand-mother of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Arizona by way of Ohio. This is my second transformation in less then a year I have another blog that shows the journey of my transformation from relaxed to natural hair using a system called Sister Locks.

I am new to Hcg/VLCD as I read the blogs of others who are on their personal journeys, I am a little lost as I am not sure what P2/R3 and LIW mean if any one can tell me what the lingo is for posting on my progress during the different stages of this metamorphosis it would be greatly appreciated.

I am at the gorging stage (would that be P1?)today would be my second day, although I really haven't overeaten. I tend to be a sugar hog, candy,soda/pop, koolaid adding sugar in food etc. Actually I sit here with a 10oz container of white fudge covered pretzels and a glass of Hawiian Punch.

I will be using the Hcg injectible
10MI 10,000 units/10ML MDV
0.2ml= 20 units daily

My consultation weight was 200#'s

I have purchased a digital food scale and a weight scale also digital with tracking and BMI/Bone Mass calculation it also measure the amount of water in the body I purchased both from Walmart.

I have also purchased some of my food to start and B12 sublingual tablets, equally I will get bi-weekly B12 injection from my Naturopathic Doctor who will be following me while I am on my journey of metamorphosis.

I will try my best to post daily, as a means to help me journal my progress and to follow others who are also on this journey also for tips and guidance.

I plan to weigh in on Wednesday when I start the VLCD to use this as my starting weight.

I am so excited to make this a life change, not only to lose weight but to hopefully get off of medication and to live a healthier life for my daughters and my grand daughter.


Mo2Lose said...

Hi, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Phase 1 would be the cleansing. That stage is optional. Phase 2 is the actual VLCD + Hcg. I am going on my 2nd wk and I am excited at the amount I have lost so far. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. I started at 200 lbs. but gained 3 lbs. loading. Good luck!

Amie said...

Hello Angela! I found your blog by way of Ms. Monica (aka 'Apple Bottom Blues) and just wanted to say CONGRATS first of all on your Grandbaby (!!) and on starting the hCG protocol. This is my second round of P2, which is the hcg + VLCD (loading is part of P2 because you are injecting the hCG) and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, if I can.

So P1 is optional cleansing, P2 is all hCG + VLCD, P3 is the "stabilization" phase - no starch nor sugar, P4 is everything thereafter when you gradually add starch and sugar back into everything. The phases were coined by Kevin Trudeau and just kinda stuck. :) LIW = Last Injection Weight, which is what you're trying to stay closest to between rounds of hCG.

You are more than welcome to take it or leave it, but I would suggest maybe adding one additional load day to your schedule. You REALLY need to gorge yourself, to full capacity, for 2-3 days solid before you start this protocol, or you WILL suffer with excessive hunger. If you eat as much sugar and carbs as you say, you will likely have cravings for those as well until your body rids itself of the excess candida, but it is 10 times harder to stick with the protocol when you have real hunger AND cravings. Just my two cents! :)

Thank you for sharing your experience with us - I'll be stopping by to read about your success!

Amie said...

P.S. Your granddaughter's birthday is the day after mine! That's so cool! lol

applebottomblues said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Amie's answers to your questions are right on point as is her advice.

I'd like to add that if you actually do have candida overgrowth, you may be a little more uncomfortable as the candida dies off due to lack of sugar and carbs. A friend of mine got alot of headaches & some nausea during P2. Afterward she saw a doctor and he diagnosed her with severe candida overgrowth due to many rounds of antibiotics. Everyone has different symptoms. Some don't experience any change. I just say this so that you're prepared. Your body will go through some detox in your first week or 2, so don't be alarmed if this happens. Here's a pretty decent article on candida if your interested http://www.holistichelp.net/candida.html.

You have embarked on what will surely be a remarkable journey. I'm looking forward to following your progress. Welcome to the HCG weight loss club!

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