The SweetTooth Monster is After Me

P2R1 Day 10

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Yesterdays Weight 194
Todays Weight 193

OMG, do I want a chocolate cookie, a cupcake, a box of boston baked bean candy, some of the lemon cake my daughter has in the frig.

Help me somebody please, today has been a rough day all day I have been wanting something sweet even a bag of chips. You maybe TOM is trying to rare his ugly head, I don't know but there is one thing for sure I want more then 500 calories today.

I knew this would be a hard journey but I thought it would get easier by now, equally I know its only been a short 10 days this 10th day has been extra hard.

I did have two extra melba toast, try to wart off the urge to have a chocolate cookie. Part of me wants to just have the damn cookie and get over the craving.

What am I to do???? Stay strong or just satisfy the craving and get back on track?


applebottomblues said...

Do not satisfy the craving. That can set you back up to 3 days. Your body is going through a detox and the candida in your body is fighting to stay alive as it's dying off. Guess what keeps candida alive? SUGAR!

Go onto HTA and look up desserts in the P2 recipe section. Use that stevia you got! Some folks even chew sugar free gum. I've done that and it doesn't hurt my losses.

The simplest thing to do is to make yourself a strawberry sorbet if you have a magic bullet or blender with about 50 calories worth of frozen strawberries (no sugar added or freeze your own), lemon juice, stevia & enough water to loosen it up. You can even put some chocolate stevia or cocoa powder in it to make it a chocolate strawberry smoothie. That might help your sweet craving.

Hope you have a better day today. You can get through this.

Mo2Lose said...

I was going to tell you about the strawberry shake as well. It really takes the sweet craving away. Don't do it. I did give in to that cookie and I regret it. Just think of how good you want to look and it is getting hot outside :o)

Amie said...

I hope, hope you were able to stay strong! Monica & Mo are so right, it only sets you back and it's just those nasty little candida singing their last tune!

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