Today was a little Easier

P2R1 Day 5

P2R1 Starting Weight: 200
Yesterdays Weight:202
Today: 199

Boy!!! was I excited when I got on the scale this morning. Three pounds down off to a good start I pray I can keep it going.

I stopped on the way to work this morning to purchase Stevia, lettuce and vinegar to top my salad. While in the sugar isle, all I found was sweet-n-low,splenda etc. I asked some clerks if they sold Stevia they seemed not to know what I was talking about, they even looked in the baking section but could not find the stevia.

Thank God I decided to take a second look for myself in the baking area...Yippeee I found it, the product name was sweetleaf /ingredients...(stevia) Of course I showed the clerks just in case another HCG'er comes by looking for stevia.

Being as hunger as I was yesterday, I decided to get some lettuce since I can eat as much as I like per my Dr....I purchased romaine hearts and balsamic vinegar...I read the label to make sure it had no oils or sugar added...Home off to work I go...


2 cups of tea w/stevia (1 packet each) juice of lemon
bowl of romaine heart lettuce seasoned with lite salt and balsamic vinegar
1 pint of water

bowl of romaine heart lettuce w/lite salt balsamic vinegar


3.5 oz grilled chicken breast w/mrs dash spicey seasoning
1 cup celery
1 medium nectarine
1 pint of water

I got the munchies so I had another bowl of romaine heart lettuce
32oz of water drank throughout the day


3.5 oz grilled chicken breast
1 cup savoy cabbage w/salt & pepper
1 cup tea w/stevia slice of lemon
1 garlic sesame seed breadstick

32oz of water

1 cup slice strawberries sprinkle with stevia

Today I wasn't has hunger, yesterday I was running into the house to eat today I took my time preparing my dinner and eating it..LOL


applebottomblues said...

I see that you are under doctor's supervision. Are you sticking to 500 calories a day or does he have some other regimen? Just curious.

Sorry you had such a hard time yesterday. Your friend is right. The hunger should go away in a few days. If you're planning on doing another round try loading on high fat, high carb foods instead of sugary ones. That seemed to help me & my husband. I know that won't help now, but just for future reference.

Good job finding that stevia. When I started the protocol last year, stevia was only sold at health food stores. It's nice that it's widely available now. It also tastes better than it did last year. They've gotten rid of the bitter taste.

You've had a great start... nice job!

Angel Locs said...


Yes I am doing the 500 calories a day, I was told that I could have red vinegar or balsamic as a dressing only and I could eat all the lettuce I want.

Yes, I am absolutely sticking to 500 calories. I was skeptical about the stevia I am pleased with the taste. Glad to know it taste much better this year I am thinking about getting the hcg phase 2 cook book I plan on making this a life change not just a diet.

I so want to include my significant other, he seems interested just not ready to join me. Maybe after he sees my success. It's great to see you and your husband take this journey together.

Next time around I will defiantely take your suggestion on loading up on the high fat, high carb foods.

Going to bed now starting to get cravings. Happy HCg'ing

applebottomblues said...

We didn't start this journey together. I went through a whole 40 day round before he was ready. He saw how much I lost in such a short time and he jumped on board. You know those men are visual... LOL.

I bought that P2 cookbook and there's a $15 discount code on my blog for it. I learned alot from it and I still use some of the recipes. You can also try this site: There are some great recipes there.

Angel Locs said...

Thanks alot ABB

Your right those fella's are visual little creatures...LOL

I am sure once my honey see's how well I am doing and how I have reshape not just my body also my way of living he will jump on board as well. I am going to recruit him yet...

Thanks I will get that code, and check out the site.

Thanks alot ABB

Mo2Lose said...

Stevia is great! It also comes in different flavors. I started using it b/c of this diet but I am actually going to keep on using afterwards. I don't miss real sugar anymore. The hunger pangs lasted a whole week for me. Hopefully they will end soon for you. WTG on the 3 lbs!

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