Whoops I Fell OFF the Wagon

P2R1 Day 15

P2R1 Starting Weight 200
Loading Gain +2
Yesterdays Weight 192
Todays Weight 192

Ok today I cheated on myself, I violated me how could I have done such a thing. Our team is a mode of celebrating birthdays, me with my don't want to hurt anyone's feelings attitude went to lunch with my co-workers (mind you I packed my protocol lunch today).

Ok went to lunch had a ripped bbq chicken sandwich,shoestring fries with a raspberry ice tea ( didn't eat the bread) and had a small piece of cake.

I was so disgusted with myself, for swaying...as I ate this lunch I could feel my stomach churning probably wondering what the heck I was doing, I even felt a little nauseous for a moment could this have been because I was angry with myself or because my stomach and gotten used to 500 calories, no sugar and starched or maybe both.

I took magnesium citrate when I got home, and for the first time had a much needed good BM.

Tomorrow its back on track and NO ABSOLUTELY NO MORE SWAYING...I told my co-workers this..."I don't care who's birthday is coming up I am not participating".


Amie said...

Ugh. I feel you, Angela! It seems like this weekend was hard for everyone.

I'm having a "Back on Protocol" party! Let's get back to letting this program WORK for us! Even though the numbers on the scale don't move as quickly as we would like them to sometimes, remember your body is still losing INCHES!

Angel Locs said...

Your absolutely correct Amie, I never think about the inches I am always concerned with the actual weight. Thanks for bringing that back to my attention, your great.

Count me in I am always ready for a PARTY!!!!

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